Chris Keylock Williams Watercolors
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Portland, Oregon 97215
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Chris Keylock Williams Watercolors
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Artist's Statement

I think of both life and my paintings as a collage, a layering of experiences, images and interwoven responses. It is the passing of time, the changing of seasons, the captured moment. It is the interaction, balance and contrasts of shapes, elements and events. It might be the study and recognition of some unique quality. It might be moving closer or moving back for a different perspective.

The joy for me in painting comes from the arranging and rearranging of the "pieces." It's exciting to find and create works of art where new relationships and ideas are presented. It is visual music or poetry. It's about design, contrast, mood and originality. I seek to orchestrate a kind of visual rhythm by composing, moving and overlapping the shapes, colors and values. Can I find a new way to present a subject so that I and the viewer will "think again" and "look again"? A painting is not "of something," a painting "is something." It's a work of art. In that respect, the hand and mind of the artist should do more than just record. The artist must bring "soul" to the stage.

Watercolor is one of the most exciting mediums to work in. It moves, it is transparent and you can learn to make it work for you. I hope the viewer will see things to inspire and enhance their life experience.

"Framing the Story"
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"Leading Lady"
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